General rules Seacam Shootout 2017

  1. Each competitor can send in 2 pictures in each/any categorie.
  2. The pictures must be sent by "Wetransfer" or "Dropbox" to the organisation before the deadline, December, 20 – 2017. Practical details for sending will be given on board of "MSY ILIKE".
  3. All competition categories are open to all contestants.
  4. All pictures must be taken underwater, except for the categorie "Environment", here all pictures related to the subject are allowed.
  5. Only images taken during the "Seacam Shootout 2017" trips on board of "MSY ILIKE" and registered in the databank on board of Ilike will be accepted for the competition.
  6. A picture can only be entered once, and can not be entered in several categories.
  7. Each competition day, in the morning the participants will receive a new data code to set the camera.
  8. In the evening each competitor can transfer a maximum of 10 images taken that day, to the databank of the organisation.
  9. All pictures have to be delivered in Jpeg in the highest resolution.
  10. Competitors are allowed to view their images on computer screen before transfering to the databank, but no modification what so ever,is allowed, not in the camera or by any software on computer before registration. Double exposure is not allowed, not in the camera or afterwards.
  11. Minor enhancements of photos using imaging software, such as color, contrast enhancement and backscatter removal are permitted. Image editing, that alters the main content of the photo, such as moving, removing objects or implanting foreign elements (sun, sunbeams ..) is not permitted.
    Cropping is not allowed.
  12. Any photo revealed as been altered will be disqualified. The decision of the jury to disqualify a photo is final and undisputable.
  13. Upon registering to the competition, each participant is asked to sign an environmental conservation commitment form, according to which he/she are obligated to follow environmental conservation regulations and to share respect for the underwater world during the process of taking images, wherever they might be diving. As per this commitment form, the photographer understands that he/she are the only one responsible for their behavior underwater while capturing images. Any damage to the protected underwater world, including the disruption of the natural habitat of creatures, provocation through touching, feeding or annoying, is prohibited by law and might disqualify the images or the photographer.
  14. Competition organizers will take the utmost care in handling digital files submitted to the competition. However, competition organizers will not be held responsible for any loss of the submitted material at the time of sending by Wetransfer, or at the time of the shootout competition itself.
  15. By submitting a photo, the participant declares that he/she has taken the image with his own camera. Any barters or exchange of pictures between photographers is forbidden.
  16. RAW files will be asked from all winning pictures

Photography rules

  • Macro: Any image featuring a macro/super macro subject or composition, taken with a macro/super lens.
  • Big Fish Life: Any image showing huge big fish, fish schools or fish interaction. Composition is very important in this category.
  • Wide Angle: Any image taken with a wide angle lens, reflecting the beauty and unique underwater environment of Indonesia.
  • Fish Portrait: Any image of a fish, or part of a fish.
  • Best Shot: Any image, what ever the categorie, that you think is your best shot taken during your "Seacam Shootout 2017" trip on board of "MSY ILIKE".
  • Environment: Any image that showes a marine conservation or environmental issue. Whether it is an endangered species or environment, showing conservation effort or endangering actions, positive or negative effects on marine environment ... Images can be taken underwater or above.